Why CoinPoint Asia is a Good Choice for Blockchain Digital Marketing?

Before understanding cryptocurrency and their workings, it is crucial to understand how the blockchain technology works. How can any new coin on the blockchain help build its popularity and business? Often, companies who wish to introduce new coins in the market are skeptical of the positioning compared to the already established cryptocurrencies in the market. This is where a blockchain marketing agency like CoinPoint can come to the rescue. CoinPoint Asia provides premium blockchain consultation for any blockchain-related business.  

CoinPoint’s services include-

Blockchain Consultation

Experts from the technology field will help you build a robust online presence. Expert consultations will advise you to enhance the usage of blockchain for the upliftment of your business.

• Full Brand Development

The brand that you wish to build will be positioned, keeping in mind the status of the market. The brand will be placed in the target market such that it reaches its right audience at the right time sending out the message that they want to know.  

• Business Development and Sales Strategies

Explore various avenues of enhancing your business. Crack deals through partnerships, commercial relations, investor relations, and trade marketing.

Reputation Management

CoinPoint’s crypto connections can come handy to build the kind of image that you wish the public to perceive. For your blockchain business to thrive, it is elementary that you hold a good reputation as it is still a small knit industry, and information spreads fast.  

• Influencer Marketing

Get to tap on all potential clients as well as all the markets that you wish to influence. You will get complete assistance with data that help you devise your business to suit the needs of your market.  

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Affiliation

Until and unless you are number one on Google, you are not there yet. Building a network of affiliates becomes crucial to do so. This helps with traffic, sales, and a good rank on Google.


The first challenge to combat is to make the staff aware of the technology. CoinPoint does it for all your employees so that you are set to go with the business.

• Online Presence and Security

CoinPoint looks after the complete online presence of the business, starting from conceptualization, design to security. It also has all metrics in place to keep a check on how the market is performing online.

CoinPoint Asia can be your solution to all the hurdles that you might face while venturing into the crypto business.


B.I.S.S Research is the Need for Financial Changes

In order to learn about finances, there are premium and well-established b-schools. Then what is the need for a research institute? The financial structures have changed quite a lot in the past decade with the incoming of digitization. With such changes, the effects could be observed in the market. Management and finance schools teach these trends quite well. Most of the business wizards come from their threshold.

The constant developments and its impacts on trends, lives, markets, and global economic ties are required to be explored. This is where a research institute like B.I.S.S. steps in.

B.I.S.S. is an independent entity based in London that dwells into the exploration of the financial market. B.I.S.S. was established in 2003, and since its inception, it had adapted and achieved quite a lot in a short span of time. B.I.S.S. was originally associated with the analysis work of financial software systems. For the past two years, it is focused on academic research pertaining to the financial market.

Two years back, thanks to an academic project, B.I.S.S. realized the value that academic research could put in not just for scholastic purposes but also for financial systems across the globe. Until the research is carried out, there is no other possible way of assertion to new and evolving economic additions in the ecosystem. B.I.S.S. has since then conducted many kinds of research on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, digital payments, exchange rates of foreign currencies, and so on.

B.I.S.S. works with researchers from various other universities not just from the U.K. but the rest of the world to conduct research that is rich and spanned over a specified time scale. B.I.S.S. manages each of the projects and produces reports which are very easy to understand and comprehensible.

The sponsors of the research can then use these to draw internal decisions. Most of these reports are made free for the industry to access. It is in the best interest of both professionals and students. B.I.S.S. has, in recent times, made considerate efforts to promote all academic provisions for better report generation that can benefit economies at a large scale.

Research reports have helped many businesses in the past fifteen years to adapt to new changes. All e-commerce sites have kept multiple payment options as suggestive from the reports of various academic researches. At a time when new and changing financial assets are on the rise, academic research must be supported and bred.


Why Make Payments with Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are soaring high like never before. As compared to fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies are marking their own set of popularity. Despite the volatile nature of the crypto-market, trading with the cryptocurrencies greatly benefits customers and business people alike. The cryptocurrency market is performing well and is also seen as a prospectus for long-time investment.  

Here are some valid reasons you might wish to consider to choose cryptocurrency as a payment mode

* Lower transaction fees

While transacting with fiat currencies and its traditional modes like debit card, card-card, or net banking, a specific transaction fee is charged. Earlier, there used to be none when these digital modes didn’t seize to exist, but today using them comes with a cost. With cryptocurrencies, that is not a worry as the fee is almost 60-70% lesser than that of cards.

* Cross border usage

Fiat currencies come with a certain expense and time when dealt with offshore trading. With cryptocurrencies, the cost levied is small. All that is required is a mobile phone and a cryptocurrency wallet.

* E-commerce Advantage

Keeping cryptocurrencies as a payment mode for traders too is advantageous. Accepting cryptocurrencies would cost 60-70% lower fees than fiat currencies. This will obviously mean that a trader will have more in their pocket.

* No chargeback

Customers often demand money back after using or damaging an item. This is a loss situation for the trader. But with cryptocurrency, the customer will have to directly interact with the seller for a money-back scenario. There is no e-commerce site involvement.

* Safe payments

Cryptocurrencies are paid via mobile phones. It is extremely accessible and user savvy. Blockchain technology ensures that the payment has very less scope of any faults or theft. Once a transaction is sent to an account, it cannot be retrieved. All personal details are not asked for over a cryptocurrency wallet except for a name. Traditional banks had much more information with very less discretion leaving out chances of any data mishandling. The above reasons are enough for one to instill their trust in the cryptocurrencies. Payment methods must evolve with time to suit the customer needs. The crypto is a way ahead in that aspect. Cryptocurrencies are the next big switch! With the changing scenario in the world economy, cryptocurrencies can prove to turn out to be a game-changer.


Bitcoins are here to stay in the U.S.

A novel idea has engulfed a significant stake of active investors in the U.S. The citizens have been using inflationary currency into deflationary currency. By deflationary currency, it is meant by cryptocurrencies here. Cryptocurrencies have seen a stark rate in purchases even though prices fell as the pandemic hit the global economies. A constant 50% rise for the Bitcoin has been witnessed despite the hardships that economies are facing.

Bitcoins since 2016 have been an uproar in the States. Many investors have been keen on venturing into this blockchain-enabled technology. The initial attractions were those of discreet identity and the absence of a third-party patron. Bitcoin gradually rose to an all-time high. In a turn of events, the Cryptocurrency Act was implemented, too, as the coveted dollar faced a threat. U.S.’s ticket to global power is the monopoly of printing the dollar bills. But with the presence of bitcoin, this confidence started to shake.

Much to the surprise of government authorities, the stimulus funds under the CARES Act of $1,200 were invested in bitcoin and altcoins. The funds which were allotted to protect and preserve from the fury of the coronavirus pandemic were parked with the dollar’s pitted rival. Bitcoin enthusiasts claimed that they saw the market conditions as perfect for investing in deflationary currencies. Since bitcoin already has garnered a certain amount of trust in terms of security of data, and ease of transaction became the most sought-after cryptocurrency to invest in.

The investment on the bitcoins is being looked at as a sign of protest to the current state of the financial system as well. Debt-based spending on crypto-assets can lead to fiat currency devaluation. In such a stage, it is of concern for administrators and government officials. But citizens are taking full advantage of the “halving” bitcoins underwent last year as well. As per some investors, currently, even one single bitcoin can be worth a million dollars. Citizens aren’t taking away from the opportunity. Despite some blows syndicated by the treasury, they seem to remain unaffected to the bitcoins thanks to the “halving” as well as the goodwill. The future looks bright for decentralized digital currencies as people are starting to wonder and explore possibilities of a universal global digital method. Many bitcoin investors have their hopes high of a big revolution in the financial system. The onset of which is already being felt.


Methods to Buy Bitcoins from Walmart

If one has even a slight understanding of the cryptocurrency market, they know that these coins can only be bought online. As the entire mechanism is digital based due to the blockchain technology, the internet is the place for buying cryptocurrencies. This is true, however, not entirely true either. Most of the coins are purchased from centralized currency portals online or seller-to-seller domains. The provision of a system which is internet enabled is a must in such cases.

Because of its online nature, it has an absolute exclusivity and privilege attached to it. Is it really always possible to buy coins online? Someone who wishes to be assured upon sees to believe, what if bitcoins were sold in Walmart like other essential goods? Bitcoins are indeed traded at the giant retail hub Walmart. The transaction is enabled in what is called the “walmart2walmart” money account transfers.

But before knowing how the transactions can be carried out, one must be familiarised as to the ways through which one can buy bitcoins from Walmart. Purchasing bitcoins surely would be completely different from buying goods from the retail store. The convenience of this purchase is that one needs to visit the nearest Walmart outlet. The only precursor being one should have a bitcoin wallet to carry out the purchases and transfers from the chosen outlet.

There are mainly three ways through which bitcoins can be purchased from Walmart-

  • Using Walmart Gift Card

This is a very win-win situation both for the seller and buyer. If one has a Walmart gift card, they can trade it for bitcoins from someone who would be keen on selling the coins. In exchange for the gift card, the bitcoin holder would be willing to sell off his/her bitcoins.

  • Using Cash

This method involves a middle man called the Walmart teller, who sits in the customer service area. There are also some fees attached to carry out such transactions-

– $4 fee for transferring $0-$50

– $8 fee for transferring $50-$1,000

– $16 fee for transferring $1,000-$2,500

One needs to visit the nearest Walmart store and deposit an equivalent amount to the walmart2walmart money transfer, which then sends the money to the BTC seller.

  • Using Debit/Credit Card

This method is equivalent to purchasing any item from Walmart store through debit/credit card.

One can choose the most convenient way of purchasing bitcoins. Buying bitcoins is no more a complicated process.


Steps to Buy Bitcoins from Walmart

Buying bitcoins through Walmart is a little different from buying goods from the store. Even though it is not heavily dependent on one’s knowledge of transacting in cryptocurrencies, it is not entirely devoid of technology. The purchase made through Walmart is mainly reliant on a P2P exchange like Paxful.

Despite some technological indulgence, purchasing bitcoins via Walmart is pretty easy. Even though there is the involvement of a middleman called the Walmart teller, it is still safe. The many precautionary measures for the portal make the transaction between the buyer and seller quite protected and smooth.

One can purchase bitcoins through Walmart by following these steps-

1.   Open a Bitcoin Wallet

The first and foremost requirement is to open a  bitcoin wallet. It is more like a bank account where you can store the bitcoins and use them in the future. It also works as a reservoir for bitcoins to use later.

2.   Using the P2P Exchange

This is where you select the person to person or peer to peer marketplace. Exchanges like Paxful help to locate a market to buy bitcoins. The system automatically pairs you to all the potential sellers in the vicinity. One can pay to buy bitcoins through gift cards, cash, or credit/debit cards.

3.   Sign up Using Email

In the next step, you will need to sign up with an active email address. You will have to choose the desired number of bitcoins. Along with it, a correct email id must be entered so that the bitcoins are reflected in the right destination.

4.   Choose Payment Method

Walmart usually prefers cash deposits. However, you can choose your desired payment method from the list shown on the left side. Scrolling further down, you will find the “walmart2walmart” option, select the same.

5.   Visit the nearest store

You can deposit the required cash at the nearest store. If any further information is needed, you can look for it on Paxful. After collecting the money to the Walmart teller, you will be given a receipt.

6.   Verify Transaction

Cryptocurrency trades are always prone to cyber theft. To ensure safety, verification of the transaction is required. You will have to upload the receipt to confirm and verify that the transaction request has been placed by you.

Once the transaction is approved, in about 3-10 minutes, the bitcoins should be reflected in your wallet. Purchasing bitcoins from Walmart is not that difficult, after all.


How to buy Ethereum Etoro

Understanding how Etoro works:

The futuristic approach to trading also lies in the digital and social version. For example, manual trading does not offer the kind of freedom and transparency that digital platforms do. For overcoming the inconvenience of digital currency purchase, the investment platform of Etoro provides network analysis. Thus, every client has an understanding of the trend and the pattern that other investors follow.

The Etoro site and the wallet also incorporate major cryptocurrency features. This also extends their faith in the system of digitizing a very possible currency. Thus the token scheme of cryptocurrency is what will finally prevail.

The idea of Etoro is to introduce the cryptocurrencies in the form of analytical assets too. By doing so, the firm also ensures to cover up the lack of usability for the user. It becomes easier to store, trade, and exchange the cryptocurrency as well. The belief of the operators to use blockchain to rule over the traditional systems is also important. This gives the user to access and analyze their favorite cryptocurrency.

Briefing the Ethereum idea:

The idea of introducing Ether as a virtual exchange currency for trading shows the earthly element. Ethereum implements the concept of blockchain and uses the idea of open source to do it. The distributive nature of network computing means that security is of high importance too. Ethereum also provides more than just a simple digital coin. It also includes the ability to purchase or propose the exchange of services or simple goods trading too.

Simple Idea of Buying Ethereum on Etoro:

Etoro provides an elaborate experience of virtual trading and purchase to people of all kinds. This also includes the trading of the leading options of cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, the analytic nature and trend analysis prevent the investor/trader from any risk.

To go through the process of buying Ethereum with the help of Etoro, a person needs a few simple steps:

  • Access the friendly site or download the app for easy access.
  • Launch the program and wait as it settles.
  • Perform the basic task of registration and also secure by verification.
  • Fill up the essential spots and get ready to dive in.
  • Choose the option of Ethereum from the multiple ones available.
  • The analysis and trends are available within the page for understanding the nature of the market.
  • Use the understanding to get an idea of profit too.
  • Choose the option of buying and use your card/tool.
  • Use the major cards, exchange services or deposits to invest.
  • A large number of payment gateways available give multiple options to the user for purchase.

Once the purchase is through, the user can monitor, add, or remove as per their requirement too.


TP-Link Tether app for Mac

An insight into tp-link:

Hailing from a chine origin, the tp-link is a multinational organization of connectivity services. Their specialty is to provide complete solution devices for users to solve their connectivity queries. This includes a broad range of products such as

  • Routers
  • Router Switches
  • Adapters
  • Power Cables
  • Range Extenders
  • Modem
  • Range extenders

Apart from this list, there are many other devices. Phones and PC attachments are some of the common ones too. Because of the large range of applications, these devices need to have a universal access system too. This provides ease of use to a variety of consumers. Access does not mean only at the user level but also at the operator and moderator level.

Tethering and Tether apps:

The ability to connect a personal phone to another computer or laptop or device is called tethering. Tethering also makes use of a variety of mediums to achieve this result. The given mediums of interconnection can be:

  • W. Local area network
  • Bluetooth
  • Tethering cable

By the use of a tethering app, a user can also achieve control access to the connecting devices. The tethering device allows us to have the master and operational control too. This is achievable by creating an interface for the user utilizes to access and understand the device status. It also gives detail of other devices utilizing the network privilege and their access status.

Tp-Link tethering for Mac:

Mac devices:

The original nature of the tp-link tether app is to connect an Android or other OS using the phone to the network device. Hence, to connect a Windows or a Mac product, an emulator is necessary. These emulators are usable across multiple platforms. 

An emulator is a software that creates an interpretation or a simulation platform on your personal computer. This simulation projects the device like an android device and hence it can run android apps. It is usable for launching the app, also for testing and using the app on a full-time basis. The apps are used for simple games or complex tasks like cryptocurrency exchanges too.

There are many emulator options available across platforms. For tp-Link tethering to your Mac device, follow these steps:

  • Operate your device and go online
  • Search for a trustable emulator, visit the website, and also download the emulator.
  • Run the emulator and look up the app store to search for the tethering application of tp-Link origin.
  • Download this tp-link tethering app to support your tethering process.
  • Launch the app and wait while it settles down.
  • After launching, you can also use it directly.
  • Use the tp-Link tether app to directly connect to the remote device such as the modem or the router or the extension devices for the range of a network.
  • Gain control and make necessary changes as per requirement too.

Coinbase Total Assets

Coinbase is a global cryptocurrency exchange. It is gradually holding a grip and also serves as a wallet. So not only does it help with all the transactions but also help store the digital currencies for perusal. Coinbase is widely accessible across 42 countries with more than 20 million customers around the world.

Out of the wide range of services it has, the primary one is buying and selling of Bitcoins through a bank account, credit card or debit card. The company has raised over $400 million from leading investors.

August 2019 saw Grayscale’s crypto assets worth $2.7 billion to be held by Coinbase Custody. This makes Coinbase have the account of a good number of assets including leading ones. Some of the coins in its kitty are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin including many more digital assets.

Now with a grandeur of assets to hold, this means Coinbase is emerging as a sought-after exchange and here’s why you should be considering to invest on Coinbase-

  • Hassle-free

It won’t have you be bogged down by the intricacies of technology. Rather it solely concentrates on the transactions of currencies. Coinbase provides a new foray into currency speculation and investing for those looking forward to investing in cryptocurrency.

  • Transparency

In Coinbase there is no space for pseudo-anonymity. Your name is attached to your Coinbase account and so is your bank account. This makes tracking down transactional history quite easy.

  • Intermediary based

If not worked over the blockchain then not much can be done to ensure the verification of the transaction history or that your account is taking place on the blockchain. This instead means that trust is placed on the intermediary which in this case is Coinbase.

  • Real-time prices

Coinbase shows absolutely real-time prices of cryptocurrencies. There is no scope of fraudulency or misguiding whatsoever. This builds the exchange’s goodwill and reputation.

What’s more, is that the exchange stores 90% of the customer’s funds offline to ensure the security of all cryptocurrency purchased and sold within Coinbase. The plus side is that Coinbase also stores assets like that of fiat currency in bank accounts on behalf of the customers. This helps in an unforeseen event where the company might become insolvent. Customers and their money will be safe with no loss incurred. Coinbase in the past year has undergone many asset acquirements that prove its level of security especially in a market such as a cryptocurrency.


Most Popular Stable Coins

The cryptocurrency market is known popularly for the coins that float. Even before cryptocurrency has a concept or scheme surfaced, the name of Bitcoin and subsequently Ethereum was predominant. But with more knowledge and increased interests of the investors, cryptocurrencies flourished as a market. The non-volatile nature of fiat currencies has thrived in the investment market which still makes the conventional modes of investments the most successful of the lot.

The potential of the cryptocurrency market was observed in the last five years. However, the volatile nature of popular cryptocurrencies is a major concern. This is the reason why a type of crypto called stable coins is looked out for. The stable coins, unlike the popular Bitcoin and Ethereum, are much more stable as their values are in USD or EUR. It is stable in its price.

In 2019 the highest investment in the cryptocurrency was observed. Its immunity towards the erratic market is what makes it absolutely desirable. There are few services additionally as well that provide benefits like interest on investing. They are for example crypto.com which offers 8% per annum on all stable coins. There are many more such that extrapolate optimum benefits out of them.

With such progress being made, a peek into the most successful stable coins at the moment becomes a necessity-

  • Tether (USDT)

The first-ever stablecoin was launched in 2015. It is backed by the fiat currencies in a 1:1 ratio. The stablecoin has a humongous market cap and enjoys being one of the most popular.

  • USD Coin (USDC)

The stablecoin is backed by USD at a 1:1 ratio. It is the brainchild of CENTRE which is managed by Coinbase and Circle. USDC is based on Ethereum and is distributed as an Ethereum token. It is available in all leading exchanges like Binance and Bitfinex among others.

  • TrueUSD (TUSD)

TUSD is also backed by the dollar. It is fully fiat collateralized, has complete legal protection and transparency assured by third-party attestations. The best part about this is that it was managed by real people. The company plans to tokenize other real-world assets as well. Currently, the stable coin holds a humble position in terms of market cap.

  • Carbon

Carbon has a stable price and is non-collateralized. It is not based upon the standard blockchain so far. It is instead hosted as a Hashgraph. Carbon achieves its price stability through algorithmic bidding. These are some of the best stable coins to look forward to getting the bucks crunching.