In order to learn about finances, there are premium and well-established b-schools. Then what is the need for a research institute? The financial structures have changed quite a lot in the past decade with the incoming of digitization. With such changes, the effects could be observed in the market. Management and finance schools teach these trends quite well. Most of the business wizards come from their threshold.

The constant developments and its impacts on trends, lives, markets, and global economic ties are required to be explored. This is where a research institute like B.I.S.S. steps in.

B.I.S.S. is an independent entity based in London that dwells into the exploration of the financial market. B.I.S.S. was established in 2003, and since its inception, it had adapted and achieved quite a lot in a short span of time. B.I.S.S. was originally associated with the analysis work of financial software systems. For the past two years, it is focused on academic research pertaining to the financial market.

Two years back, thanks to an academic project, B.I.S.S. realized the value that academic research could put in not just for scholastic purposes but also for financial systems across the globe. Until the research is carried out, there is no other possible way of assertion to new and evolving economic additions in the ecosystem. B.I.S.S. has since then conducted many kinds of research on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, digital payments, exchange rates of foreign currencies, and so on.

B.I.S.S. works with researchers from various other universities not just from the U.K. but the rest of the world to conduct research that is rich and spanned over a specified time scale. B.I.S.S. manages each of the projects and produces reports which are very easy to understand and comprehensible.

The sponsors of the research can then use these to draw internal decisions. Most of these reports are made free for the industry to access. It is in the best interest of both professionals and students. B.I.S.S. has, in recent times, made considerate efforts to promote all academic provisions for better report generation that can benefit economies at a large scale.

Research reports have helped many businesses in the past fifteen years to adapt to new changes. All e-commerce sites have kept multiple payment options as suggestive from the reports of various academic researches. At a time when new and changing financial assets are on the rise, academic research must be supported and bred.