Coinigy is one of the most popular trading tools for cryptocurrencies. This is very similar to Obanc Payment solutions, which allows its customers to have smooth transactions. Coinigy is a software suite designed to meet the needs of all range of trader demographics.


Coinigy doesn’t process trades itself. It relies on external exchanges to carry out its trades. Hence it is not subjected to the same regulations as the other money service businesses.

Network security:

Coinigy has a state of the art network system.  Coinigy’s security team opted to use a multi-tier setup for its servers. This means that Coinigy’s presentation, application processing, and data management functions are physically separated. Hence the chances for it to be hacked are almost zero.


  1. If you are a paid user of Coinigy then you can earn a profit on price differences between exchanges.
  2. Coinigy has an exceptional security system. It hasn’t been hit by any publicized hacking.
  3. The Coinigy Marketwatch app lets you see how your crypto portfolio is performing across all your connected accounts.
  4. The news features of Coinigy will keep you updated with all the latest news about cryptocurrency.
  5. Coinigy can output your exchange and wallet balances directly to Google Sheets.
  6. It gives you 30 days free trial. This free trial lets you track crypto prices, connect accounts and initiate trades through multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.


If a crypto exchange’s servers get overloaded when Coinigy connects through the API, you may run into glitches or difficulties while trading.

Customer Service:

Coinigy has the best customer support system. It not only explains to you how to use various features of Coinigy but also helps to analyze the technical charts. The first time you use a Coinigy feature, tutorials appear that explain the functions of buttons and other relevant parts of the interface.

Coinigy reputation:

Since its release, Coinigy has faced a few problems. But soon after the reporting of customers they solved those problems.  When crypto traders complain about crypto exchange interfaces on Reddit, Coinigy is often recommended as a solution.