You might have heard the news that Enjij Coin (ENJ) is now in partnership with Samsung. The partnership is done in order to get help for the development of the new S10’s Crypto wallet. The project has seen amazing growth. However, the wallet will not come preinstalled. You will have to download the wallet from the Galaxy app store.

Changes on the ENJ coin

Once the announcement is done and it has been officially declared by the Enjin’s VP of marketing, they are then partners with Samsung. However, he won’t be disclosing more information on the same topic yet. Instead, you will come to know more about it in due course of time.

Once this news was out, there was a drastic change seen in Enjin Coin. The coin increased in value by 78% once the partnership was confirmed. This totally changed the way people used to look at the Enjin’s coin.


This shows the rise of the Cryptocurrency. This is just the beginning. Those days are not far when each of this transaction will be done on the mobile phone itself. Samsung has not yet launched the application as a pre-installed wallet. However, it will soon plan in the near future to make it an in-built pre-installed app where one can carry out all the transactions. This is the future of online transactions.

This was the sudden change that was seen soon after the announcement of the partnership. In the near future, it is still going to increase as the mobile will be launched and the wallet will be available for other countries too.  As of now, it is only available for the US, Canada, and Korea users. This was updated by Samsung Australia on their twitter handle when one of the users tweeted about the support for Cryptocurrency wallet.

Moreover, this might also encourage other mobile companies to do a partnership or offer some decent offers which are related to the Cryptocurrency. The entire digital currency market is growing at a tremendous speed. People will soon start to use official wallet apps for transactions.