If one has even a slight understanding of the cryptocurrency market, they know that these coins can only be bought online. As the entire mechanism is digital based due to the blockchain technology, the internet is the place for buying cryptocurrencies. This is true, however, not entirely true either. Most of the coins are purchased from centralized currency portals online or seller-to-seller domains. The provision of a system which is internet enabled is a must in such cases.

Because of its online nature, it has an absolute exclusivity and privilege attached to it. Is it really always possible to buy coins online? Someone who wishes to be assured upon sees to believe, what if bitcoins were sold in Walmart like other essential goods? Bitcoins are indeed traded at the giant retail hub Walmart. The transaction is enabled in what is called the “walmart2walmart” money account transfers.

But before knowing how the transactions can be carried out, one must be familiarised as to the ways through which one can buy bitcoins from Walmart. Purchasing bitcoins surely would be completely different from buying goods from the retail store. The convenience of this purchase is that one needs to visit the nearest Walmart outlet. The only precursor being one should have a bitcoin wallet to carry out the purchases and transfers from the chosen outlet.

There are mainly three ways through which bitcoins can be purchased from Walmart-

  • Using Walmart Gift Card

This is a very win-win situation both for the seller and buyer. If one has a Walmart gift card, they can trade it for bitcoins from someone who would be keen on selling the coins. In exchange for the gift card, the bitcoin holder would be willing to sell off his/her bitcoins.

  • Using Cash

This method involves a middle man called the Walmart teller, who sits in the customer service area. There are also some fees attached to carry out such transactions-

– $4 fee for transferring $0-$50

– $8 fee for transferring $50-$1,000

– $16 fee for transferring $1,000-$2,500

One needs to visit the nearest Walmart store and deposit an equivalent amount to the walmart2walmart money transfer, which then sends the money to the BTC seller.

  • Using Debit/Credit Card

This method is equivalent to purchasing any item from Walmart store through debit/credit card.

One can choose the most convenient way of purchasing bitcoins. Buying bitcoins is no more a complicated process.