Buying bitcoins through Walmart is a little different from buying goods from the store. Even though it is not heavily dependent on one’s knowledge of transacting in cryptocurrencies, it is not entirely devoid of technology. The purchase made through Walmart is mainly reliant on a P2P exchange like Paxful.

Despite some technological indulgence, purchasing bitcoins via Walmart is pretty easy. Even though there is the involvement of a middleman called the Walmart teller, it is still safe. The many precautionary measures for the portal make the transaction between the buyer and seller quite protected and smooth.

One can purchase bitcoins through Walmart by following these steps-

1.   Open a Bitcoin Wallet

The first and foremost requirement is to open a  bitcoin wallet. It is more like a bank account where you can store the bitcoins and use them in the future. It also works as a reservoir for bitcoins to use later.

2.   Using the P2P Exchange

This is where you select the person to person or peer to peer marketplace. Exchanges like Paxful help to locate a market to buy bitcoins. The system automatically pairs you to all the potential sellers in the vicinity. One can pay to buy bitcoins through gift cards, cash, or credit/debit cards.

3.   Sign up Using Email

In the next step, you will need to sign up with an active email address. You will have to choose the desired number of bitcoins. Along with it, a correct email id must be entered so that the bitcoins are reflected in the right destination.

4.   Choose Payment Method

Walmart usually prefers cash deposits. However, you can choose your desired payment method from the list shown on the left side. Scrolling further down, you will find the “walmart2walmart” option, select the same.

5.   Visit the nearest store

You can deposit the required cash at the nearest store. If any further information is needed, you can look for it on Paxful. After collecting the money to the Walmart teller, you will be given a receipt.

6.   Verify Transaction

Cryptocurrency trades are always prone to cyber theft. To ensure safety, verification of the transaction is required. You will have to upload the receipt to confirm and verify that the transaction request has been placed by you.

Once the transaction is approved, in about 3-10 minutes, the bitcoins should be reflected in your wallet. Purchasing bitcoins from Walmart is not that difficult, after all.