The cryptocurrency market was positively buzzing with enthusiasm by the end of 2017. Everybody was diving in and throwing caution to the wind. Now though, the market is in a quiet period and many of those who entered strongly at that time are unceremoniously absent.

This absence doesn’t mean to say they were wrong to get involved in the first place but many perhaps dived in too strongly and risked a lot early on. We are all guilty from time to time of thinking the upward trend will never reverse. This is sadly not true in any world market from stock to property and crypto is not immune.

So, if you are still eager to get into cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as a whole, when is the correct moment?

Don’t be disheartened by a Slump

Many may be feeling negative when the market is in a down period. This is nothing new. You cannot however let that get you down or discourage you from investing. To shine a positive reflection on a bear market, it can easily be seen as the best time to invest when prices are low. This is almost certainly better than when prices are soaring and you are purchasing at an all-time high.

Follow your Passion

Some things are more important than price. If you trust in the core principles of a project for example, you are already well ahead of many speculative investors who are just searching for the next price hike. If you are willing to HODL in the long term based on your core values and belief in a platform or project then you should not be influenced too heavily by the current market position. It is in fact true that many impassioned followers of the sector view bear markets as a time to purchase their favorite tokens “on sale”.

When Means and Desire are matching

Investing within your means in the crypto sector is absolutely key. As mentioned, it can certainly be volatile and you do not want to be investing more than you are willing to walk away from at any point. This makes it vital not to rush into any investments. There exists a natural fear of missing out, it is a fundamental trait of humans. You cannot let this feeling overcome you however. If your financial position does not make an investment viable, remain resolute until it does. When you are in a position to invest, however far down the line that may be, there will always be certain opportunities which present.